Finding Your Voice:  Speaking Truth to Power



The Editorial Board of Illuminate and the Executive Board of the Northeast Regional Honors Council (NRHC) are pleased to be able to showcase the talents of students in our region.


As you know, these students were supposed to make their presentations in person in Albany, New York at our annual conference in April 2020. However, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the conference.


In an effort to recognize any student presenter who still wished to showcase work, this page was conceived. We know this is certainly no substitute for the amazing energy each student presenter would have brought to the annual NRHC conference, but we hope it will serve as a beacon, a shining light of the brilliant illuminations of our students. Below is the list of student contributors to this page. Presentations are organized by presentation type and then alphabetically by presenter last name. As we receive submissions, the list will be updated.


We dedicate this page to ALL the student presenters of #NRHC2020. And we look forward to meeting, once again, in person in Albany in 2021. More information about the next NRHC conference is forthcoming, so please stay tuned and continue to check NRHC’s website, along with following us on Instagram and Facebook.


It is more important now than ever to continue to remain focused, continue our study of life and world around us, and to always remember there is light at the end of dark tunnels.


Be safe, be strong, and always be illuminated!


Best wishes,

The Illuminate Editorial Board & NRHC Executive Board


Paper Presentations


"Measuring Effects of Voter Turnout in State and Local Elections"

Nicholas Bykov, Ramapo College of New Jersey

"Undergraduate Perceptions of Marijuana Use"

Caitlin Cabral, University of Hartford

"Puerto Rico’s Police Department is Key to Post-Maria Recovery"

Amelia R. Chumney, Fairleigh Dickinson University

"Questioning the Origins of Female Genital Mutilation.  Is it Faith or Culture?"

Mabintou Darboe, University of Saint Joseph

"Synthesis of Two New Crown-Ether Cyclophanes for Measuring Cation-Aromatic Interactions in Solution"

Simran Dhami, SUNY College at Old Westbury

"'Lip'-sticking out in the society"

Drishti Kalia, St. Joseph's College


"An International Study of Gun Regulation Policy: Putting America in the Spotlight"

Alyssa Kastner, Bentley University


"'Look at her': Function and Effect of Contemporary American English Gendered Slang"

David King, Adelphi University


"The Monster that is A Man: A Feminist View of William Shakespeare"

Trisha Mehta, Ramapo College of New Jersey


"Celiac Disease: The Masked Enemy"

Breanna Mesich, Thiel College

"Gráinne Mhaol: Ireland’s Pirate Queen"

Sabrina Moody, Northampton Community College

"On Friends and Foes: Examining the Evolution of American White Supremacy Through Dystopian Literature"

Grant Mooney, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

"History of HIV/AIDS in Atlantic City"

Jessica Peoples, Stockton University


"Japanese Anime: Factors Leading to Acceptance or Rejection"

Jake Simon, William Paterson University


"The Changing World of Title IX: One Campus's Response"

Dakota Staley, Robert Morris University


"Trade Tensions and the U.S. Trade Deficit"

Haleigh Swam, Lock Haven University

"Power Through Education:  Why LGBTQIA+ Students Matter"

Shannon Ward, Molloy College


Poster Presentations


"The Power of Developing a Voice of Financial Literacy"

Lourdes Auquilla, Monroe College

"Truth to Power: Ending the LGBTQ+ Mental Health Stigma"

Serena Daywalt, Point Park University


"The Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss: A Cost Benefit Analysis"

Sarah Farnham, Worcester State University


"Gender Disparities in STEM Fields: Inspiring Women to Find their Voice"

Jason Ham, Community College of Rhode Island


"Localized Global Warming: Is There Statistically Significant Evidence of Climate Change in Erie, PA?"

Olivia Kelly, Gannon University

"LGBTQ Plus More"

Aaliyah Mais, Monroe College 


"The Power of the Community and Police Working Together in the Busiest City"

Adriana Moctezuma, Monroe College


"Using Virtual Reality to Quantify Cochlear Synaptopathy in Adult & Juvenile Mice after Acoustic Trauma"

Keira Mull, Notre Dame of Maryland University

"Assessing Cyanobacterial Toxins Produced from Harmful Algal Communities in the Hudson River Watershed"

Samantha Musso, Marist College

"Domestic Violence in Turkey"

Abigail Palotas, Gannon University


"Next Generation Genomic Analysis of Achondroplasia in White Pekin Ducks"

Paige Richards, Stockton University

"The Effects of EDTA and Chlorhexidine as Antibiotic Adjuvants Against Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli"

Janelle Sangalang, Notre Dame of Maryland University 


"Water Quality and Its Effect on the Development of Downtown Erie"

Natalie Stinebiser, Gannon University

"The Power of Education Diminishing our Voices.  Is there Equality in Education?"

Jess-Ann Thompson, Monroe College

"Burning of Farming Plastics and Agricultural Waste Determined to be a Cause of Air Pollution in Scotland."

Sarah Till, Gannon University


"Expanding Queer Representation in Public Schools"

Spencer Van Tassel, Westfield State University



Roundtable Presentations


“The Mentor/Mentee Relationship: Significance in the Arts”

Rosalie Anthony, Point Park University

"The Consumer-Brand Relationship: Balancing The Voices"

Xarielle Blanchette, Monore College


"Recovery of DNA and RNA from Microorganisms in Water Samples"

Catherine Dougherty, Fairleigh Dickinson University


"The Racist History of Drugs in America"

Selena Turcios Reyes, Fairleigh Dickinson University


Art Gallery Presentations



Jernessa Cruickshank, SUNY Old Westbury


 “A Voice for Those Who Can’t Speak Up”

AnnaMaria Leal, St. Francis College


Congratulations to
Dárika Lara-Rodríguez

Monmouth University

for submitting the winning program cover design!

NRHC Final.jpg
Lillian Bruffee Submission (002).jpg

Lillian Bruffee, Westfield State University

We would also like to thank these students who also submitted cover art for consideration:

Austin Verdejo, Molloy College