Election Day

"Measuring Effects of Voter Turnout in State and Local Elections" by Nicholas Bykov

Storm in the Sea

"Puerto Rico’s Police Department is Key to Post-Maria Recovery" by Amelia R. Chumney

Male Scientist

"Synthesis of Two New Crown-Ether Cyclophanes for Measuring Cation-Aromatic Interactions in Solution" by Simran Dhami

Handgun and  Ammunition

"An International Study of Gun Regulation Policy:
Putting America in the Spotlight" by Alyssa Kastner

Reading Time

"The Monster that is A Man: A Feminist View of William Shakespeare" by Trisha Mehta

Woman in Field

"Gráinne Mhaol: Ireland’s Pirate Queen" by Sabrina Moody 

Boardwalk in Rio

"History of HIV/AIDS in Atlantic City" by Jessica Peoples

College Campus

"The Changing World of Title IX: One Campus's Response" by Dakota Staley 


"Power Through Education:  Why LGBTQIA+ Students Matter" by Shannon Ward

Rolling Cigarettes

"Undergraduate Perceptions of Marijuana Use" by Caitlin Cabral

Girls Praying

"Questioning the Roots of Female Genital Mutilation.  Is it Faith or Culture?" by Mabintou Darboe

Applying Lipstick

"“Lip”-sticking Out in the Society" by Drishti Kalia


"'Look at her': Function and Effect of Contemporary American English Gendered Slang" by David King

Woman in Pain

"Celiac Disease: The Masked Enemy" by Breanna Mesich 

Old Book

"On Friends and Foes: Examining the Evolution of American White Supremacy Through Dystopian Literature" by Grant Mooney

Anime Kick

"Japanese Anime: Factors Leading to Acceptance or Rejection" by Jake Simon

Stock Market Graph

"Trade Tensions and the U.S. Trade Deficit" by Haleigh Swam