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"Power Through Protest" by AnnaMaria Leal

Photo taken by AnnaMaria Leal

"Power Through Protest" is meant to showcase the power that protest can have and how a single image can convey the emotion and feelings of an entire movement. The piece showcases a young family at an anti-family separation protest as they shared their hope, like the other protesters there that day, to put an end to President Donald Trump's executive order to detain immigrants who cross the border illegally.

Despite the many pictures taken that day, the final image was purposely selected due to the parents' faces being covered and the child's face being the only visible one in the piece. It was also conveniently illuminated by one of a few rays of sunshine that was coming through the trees that day. This image evokes a stronger sense of emotion, in that it embodies the message of those who are protesting: that despite how one may feel about the actions of their parents, these children are innocent. The children had no part in their parents' decisions. Therefore, we should consider their well being over our own political views. We must come together to ensure that their well-being comes first.


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