Financial Reports

"The Power of Developing a Voice of Financial Literacy" by Lourdes Auquilla

Ear Exam

"The Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss: A Cost Benefit Analysis" by Sarah Farnham

Climate Change Banners

"Localized Global Warming: Is There Statistically Significant Evidence of Climate Change in Erie, PA?" by Olivia Kelly 

Police Patch

"The Power of the Community and Police Working Together in the Busiest City" by 
Adriana Moctezuma


"Assessing Cyanobacterial Toxins from Harmful Algal Communities in the Hudson River Watershed" by Samantha Musso

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

"Next Generation Genomic Analysis of Achondroplasia in White Pekin Ducks" by Paige Richards


"Water Quality and Its Effects on the Development of Downtown Erie" by Natalie Stinebiser


"Burning of Farming Plastics and Agricultural Waste Determined to be a Cause of Air Pollution in Scotland" by Sarah Till


"Truth to Power: Ending the LGBTQ+ Mental Health Stigma" by Serena Daywalt

Female Scientist

"Gender Disparities in STEM Fields: Inspiring Women to Find their Voice" by Jason Ham

LGBTQ Flags Center

"LGBTQ Plus More" by Aaliyah Mais

Scientist on Computer

"Using Virtual Reality to Quantify Cochlear Synaptopathy in Adult & Juvenile Mice after Acoustic Trauma" by Keira Mull

Mardin Turkey

"Domestic Violence in Turkey" by Abigail Palotas

Petri Dish

"The Effects of EDTA and Chlorhexidine as Antibiotic Adjuvants
Against Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli" by Janelle Sangalang

College Friends

"The Power of Education Diminishing our Voices.  Is there Equality in Education?" by Jess-Ann Thompson

Gay Teens

"Expanding Queer Representation in Public Schools" by Spencer Van Tassel