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"A Voice for Those Who Can’t Speak Up" by AnnaMaria Leal

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

A Voice for Those Who Can’t Speak Up

by AnnaMaria Leal, St. Francis College

Photograph by AnnaMaria Leal

Depicted above is an image of John O'Callaghan, the lead singer of the band The Maine. The Maine are known for speaking out about mental health issues in order to raise awareness for them. They also work to normalize the fact that many people suffer from mental health issues and few feel as though they can speak up about them. Their goal is to make sure that no one feels alone; their concerts are known to be a safe haven for those who feel ostracized everywhere else. The Maine have made it their mission to be that voice for those who feel as though they can't speak up for themselves, and for that they help others find their own voice and speak truth to power.

Much like how music allows The Maine, and many others, to spread messages that they feel strongly about photography allows me to do the same. Photography has been my way of finding my voice and using it speak truth to power. Through my photography, I have been able to capture images of protests, such as those for gun control and those against the separation of immigrant families. I have captured moments of pride such as the Ticker Tape Parade after the National Women's Soccer Team won the World Cup this year. I capture moments of happiness and raise awareness for those who are often forgotten, such as the homeless. Photography has given me the opportunity to share the things I see and want to raise awareness for in a way that, at times, can be more powerful than words can be.


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