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"Advocacy till the End" by Steven Swiatek

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Advocacy till the End

Steven Swiatek, Buffalo State College

The day my father died.

Was the day part of me disappeared.

The self-worth, gratification, happiness

Vanished along with my innocence and religion.

I was forced down a path never knowing

Whether I would return.

Many have died taking this path

If Sylvia was lady, then I was just Lazarus.

I felt like a victim of circumstance

Living on borrowed time everyday expecting

The inevitable end that just continued to keep me waiting!

I was left sitting there empty wondering if my happiness could return

But all that changed when I embarked on the Quest for Happiness!

Just like an auto immune disorder

Mental illness is attacking yourself!

It makes us vulnerable not just to our own thoughts

But to the views of others.

Restructuring reshaping our selves

from the inside out, But this is just the

beginning. This quest never ends! you can

Never say you are healed like you would with

A broken leg or the flu.

It takes constant effort strength!

Some may say that life is full of sadness trying to

Destroy you and send you back down the path.

One’s own mind can be the worst kind of hell!

We are always fighting for our own happiness.

Just getting out of bed studying and passing a test

Is such a victory to the self.

While this virus may be destructive to the body

It can also be for the mind.

We must live like we have survived much worse

Because we have.

Anyone can and will achieve happiness,

But it cannot be one sided

Everyone can agree no person

Deserves to suffer like this.

We must give love in order to receive love.

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L Chavira
L Chavira
Apr 28, 2022


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