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"Mountain Queen" by Angelina Lambros

Mountain Queen

Angelina Lambros, Brooklyn College

Artist Statement: As an artist, singer, writer, and poet, I love being creative and imaginative. I have been writing stories and designing my own characters since my early childhood. I spend much of my time reading, writing, making art, and learning new things. I like to learn about history, art history, and social sciences.

Although I have made many sketches and digitally colored drawings, I have made relatively few paintings in my life. This year, I spent a few consecutive days creating four acrylic paintings, the first in the series being "Mountain Queen."

"Mountain Queen" mixes portrait and landscape, depicting a scene with the profile of an unnamed queen who wears a crown with both ambition and grace. The viewer can feel a sense of power from the figure, who simultaneously dwells on this mysterious mountain and also is the mountain. The sky is separated into three parts which all seem to melt into one another, with the dark blue section being decorated with stars. In the lower half of the painting, luscious rolling green hills remind us that this is also a nature scene.


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