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"Skincare in the 21st Century" by Sydney Salomon

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Skincare in the 21st Century

Sydney Salomon, Saint Elizabeth College

"Skincare in the 21st Century" is an artwork that discovers the mask behind the beauty through the main concepts of science and art. Through art, science will interplay to create a relationship of education for an effective project and powerful message.

The work is composed of a silicone face model whose face is divided into two beauty standards; masked to upon expectations and bare skin with natural impurities (blemishes). A newspaper background stands behind the model with an eye-catching cut-out phrases and photos of a personal skincare journey to draw attention to the concepts of masking and individuality.

The work explores the art of masking in today's world to comply with beauty standards influenced in our everyday lives. Discover the truth of the person behind the mask through my personal story of acne vulgaris and measures to effectively treat it with over-the-counter and prescribed medications.

The piece follows with a slideshow presentation to reveal the science behind the art.

To view the project, click here.


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