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"Transformation" by Jernessa Cruickshank

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


by Jernessa Cruickshank, SUNY Old Westbury

Created by Jernessa Cruickshank

“Transformation” is a piece that was inspired and is another version from a piece I created in my honors Creating Thinking class. This piece focuses on the appropriation of the “All Power to the People” fist that has been used in many movements like the Black Panther Party to call on liberation and empowerment for black people. Transformation is all about the phases that we encounter within our life, we are constantly evolving and undergoing changes. The colorful fists points to different sections that can be looked as changes and it symbolizes the power we can find within these changes in our life. On top you’ll see a house and that’s represents our foundation, security and safety. But the way life works our foundation can be shaken up as we undergo transformation and create an evolved self. Altogether this piece stands for the cycle of change/transformation within us. We are powerful, we just have to look within and speak our truth and be confident about our story.


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