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"Grey" by Amish Regmi

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


by Amish Regmi, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Credulous and bright yellow but delicate within

Dark and distant, deconstructing the moments that I lived

Painstakingly adding bright colors of optimism that won't last

Grey clouds resurface again from within

Icy winds have shed the heart of spring

And I stand like the hollow trees, broken, stark and lifeless

Darkness resurfaces buried memories, none which are green

And grey transforms to black through nightmares

Like a leaf constrained by the frosty currents, I am floating to the unknown

Though the years feel gloomy and squandered, I have grown

The sky ahead feels darker, am I destined to face a challenging storm

Perhaps grey on the inside being projected onto the world

And at those bright fickle additional layers of paint, I scorn

The shutter speed, aperture and illuminating intensity are converging

But the greyness inside merges polluting even a newborn's purity

They see flickering candle in the windy blackness, but not me

I'm gravitated towards the mysterious, clear yet confusing grey again

A mere illusion, perhaps, but nothing seems to matter more

I transcended through it, how can I escape it then

Dubious and grey and rebuilding within

Dark and distant, constructing moments that I will never live

Accepting all the fleeting bright colors cannot challenge grey’s hegemony

Questioning destiny and the permanence of grey, I learn to live.


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