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"The Star!" by Ishmael Cadet

"The Star!"

Ishmael Cadet, Pennsylvania State University


As I stand on the i s o l a t e d stage of night,

There is nothing but pitch darkness engulfing me.

The Moon is nowhere to be found, for it has run its course.

Today is the day I must illuminate the Earth by myself.

Only me, to dominate over the cold vast abyss.

A star! They call me. But I just feel like a huge ball of gas.

After relying on the Moon’s ✧sovereignty✧, tonight I am left to my own devices.

My light may be dimmer than the Moon’s, but I am a creation fabricated for → navigation←.

Ready to make my debut, I remember the lessons I was taught.

Beam. Gleam. Twinkle. Glow.

Procure light for those down below.


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