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"Found: Creative AI" by Daniel Abramov

Found: Creative AI

Daniel Abramov, Penn State Berks

Artist Statement: In an attempt to escape from the grip of creative AI, I wrote a poem discussing themes prevalent in discussions by computational creativity researchers. The gripe AI has on creative communities internationally stems from the belief that it will be able to replace, or rather reduce humanity's creative capabilities to null. Many people believe AI can rob of us the valuable skill, seemingly reserved for humans as a species, our creativity. If AI can become creative will art be valued with the same level of appreciation as before? This question is usually addressed by people within the art community with the response that, AI cannot ground its art in personal experience and therefore has no sentimental value. This is where computational creativity researchers address levels of AI capability. Currently, AI can study existing patterns to make predictions; however, with the capability to use input from the environment in real-time, will AI then be considered creative? These questions have been at the forefront of our discussion regarding the sanctity of our society with the development of AI. I see this as an issue only if we allow it to become one. We are the species that “found art” and devised creativity as a notion of human experience. Therefore, our definition of creativity has to come into question if we believe AI can “steal” our creativity. We must realize that AI should be used to benefit society, a tool to expand our creative and scholarly capabilities.


AI produces, in “uncanny detail,”

to benefit society? creating,

ethically? justly?

using Our work… to a certain degree

a network of Our art…

deep-learned from a neural lattice.

Not autonomously creative, quite yet,

AI merely wrought Level 5.

Worthless, unvalued

by the human heart.

No gravity, in its words,

no narrative to AI, it lacks creative spark.

An instrument to be used,

in tandem with us creatives,

so that we can once more— find Our art.

AI emulates creatives, practitioners of fine arts.

Critiquing, not stealing,

to appropriate— justly— Our art.


ready-made, found-poetry

Superposing fairly, citing,

for the beneficence,

of creativity? of art?

All to establish it is humanity that “found” art.


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