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"Stars" by Angelina Lambros


Angelina Lambros, Brooklyn College

Artist Statement: As an artist, singer, writer, and poet, I love being creative and imaginative. I have been writing stories and designing my own characters since my early childhood. I spend much of my time reading, writing, making art, and learning new things. I like to learn about history, art history, and social sciences.

My poem "Stars" is a poem I wrote in 2015, at the age of 11, and included in a poetry collection I self-published in July 2022, Imagination and a World of Dreams.

The poem represents the imagery of lights in nature, such as the moon and stars. The poem itself focuses on a star, a powerful light that shines and breaks the still darkness. Its enemy is time, that construct that governs us all, and every passing minute on the clock is a passing minute in the star's own life. The star has its place in the universe, as do all of us. "We are all made of star-stuff." Carl Sagan.


I feel the wind is blowing.

I see the stars are showing.

When the moon shines bright,

Light up the darkest night.

There’s still a little light.

I see a star.

It’s shining real high.

This one is very old.

Pretty soon it’s going to die.

Oh, the fate of the dying star

Is a fate that can’t be changed.

So the star wrestles against time.

Bold, alone, and estranged.

Against a sky of darkness,

That makes us all feel blind,

The star transcends and illuminates;

It gives us the hope we find.

So we shall stand, all joining hands,

In a forever camaraderie that unites the lands.

Like stars against a sky of dark,

Fellowship to ignite a spark.

So when the star’s time has come,

And it returns to where it came from,

We brothers and sisters will carry the light,

Like dreamers, like artists, like those who write.


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