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"In Times of Need, It's Community We Seek" by AnnaMaria Leal

In Times of Need, It's Community We Seek

AnnaMaria Leal, St. Francis College

Depicted is a collage featuring photos taken over the course of several years. The selected photos showcase moments of solidarity, advocacy, celebration, joy and so much more. But while these photos were all taken at different points in time their common thread is community. Each photo was taken during a moment in time where people took a second out of their busy lives to come together and support those around them. Whether it was in honor of those we have lost to gun violence, supporting undocumented immigrants in their fight to be seen, the fight for justice for those harmed by our prison systems, moments of support for those fighting a silent battle with their mental health, perhaps it’s the moment we all come together to enjoy our favorite band, or how about when we came together to welcome the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team as they returned home after having won their 4th World Cup, or maybe it’s the simpler moments that before this pandemic we may have taken for granted. The heart of this image depicts the students of St. Francis College as we saw each other for the first time in-person after over a year and half of having been online. Before COVID we may not have realized how important moments like these are. There were even times we didn’t know the people besides us as we raised our voices in support of a valuable cause, sang our hearts out to our favorite songs, or sat in class together we knew we were supported. Community is deeply rooted in our lives, we couldn’t have brought about changes in our society that we so desperately needed, and still need, or have gotten through the pandemic without it. Because in times of need, it’s community we seek.


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