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"The Arrival" by Addyson Miner

The Arrival

Addyson Miner, Community College of Rhode Island

I took these three photos for a photography course I was taking. I wanted to explore the different styles and techniques in photography. After looking into different styles I wanted to try something I had not heard of before called light painting. After exploring how to create light paintings I found an interest in creating spirals with a flashlight. One day I was practicing creating the spiral and then wondered what would happen if there was something in front of the light while creating the spiral. The outcome was an object or figure created as a silhouette in the spiral. I found this rather interesting and wanted to experiment with different colors and light sources. As I was shopping around for different light sources I came across a wand like light that changes different colors and this was a perfect source for color and light. Going back to experimenting with the new light source I wanted to try creating figures with a red light. The outcome of these looked like something from a sci-fi movie. I loved how they all came out and decided to create a triptych. In these photos I wanted to create unknown figures coming down to earth like they are spiraling down to land.


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